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History of the House

Since 1730

Founded in 1730, Chanoine Frères is the second-oldest Champagne house. Nearly three centuries later, Chanoine continues to develop its heritage and pass on the pleasure of Champagne, from generation to generation, in France and around the world.


The House Philosophy

Quality and Inovation

"Chanoine Frères has a rich heritage of three centuries of expertise, built by six generations of adventurous merchants who form a major Champagne dynasty, the Chanoine family, and then by their successors, who are driven by the same vision: A demand for quality and a taste for innovation."
— Enguerrand Baijot, MD

The Chanoine Frères


To seduce and to surprise

For the House of Chanoine Freres, its Champagnes are synonymous with pleasure, made to accompany true good times shared among friends or family.

The House of Chanoine Frères cares about naturalness in wines, respecting the typical characteristics and tastes of the grape varieties

Isabelle Tellier

The cuvées

Chanoine and Tsarine

“The House’s philosophy is to preserve and highlight the typical characteristics of the grape varieties that go into making our Champagnes. Chanoine Champagnes are highly structured wines in which the Pinot Noir variety dominates, and must be respected for its authenticity. The Tsarine Champagnes are characterized by a balance among the three varieties, which express their qualities in harmony.”

— Isabelle Tellier, Head Wine-Maker

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