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To seduce and to surprise

“The House’s philosophy is to preserve and highlight the typical characteristics of the grape varieties that go into making our Champagnes.”

The House Style

Chanoine Frères


The House style

The Chanoine Frères Style

“For the House of Chanoine Freres, as for myself, our Champagnes are synonymous with pleasure, made to accompany true good times shared among friends or family. I want to share that taste of happiness.”

“What drives our House is the quest for quality in constancy, in the regularity of cuvées. By respecting the nobility of our raw materials, the grapes and grape varieties of the Champagne.”

“Quality requires you to be responsive to the wines, to pay attention to them every day, and to be consistent in your actions. I watch over my cuvées and work on them every day, sniffing, breathing in the scents, watching over the fermentation. I want to feel the wines as they develop.”

Isabelle Tellier,

Chef de Cave of the House of Chanoine Frères

“I’m a hands-on type of person. I need to be in constant contact with our wines, and I spend a lot of time in the vat-rooms. I taste every day, during each phase.”

“Success in the winemaking process requires constant attention, because we’re accompanying the development of a living product. You have to be ready to take action, immediately and at any time. It’s a complex, subtle process.”

“Each year is a new challenge – that of perpetuating the style of our house’s cuvées even though each year’s harvest is different. It’s a creative task that starts over again every year when we assemble the new cuvées.”

“By its essence, Champagne is a unique wine. At Chanoine Frères, my ambition is to make it even more unique, like a perfume.”

“Chanoine Champagnes are highly structured wines in which the Pinot Noir variety dominates, and must be respected for its authenticity. The Tsarine Champagnes are characterized by a balance among the three varieties, which express their qualities in harmony.”


Isabelle Tellier, Head Wine-Maker

Chanoine Frères

Reserve Privée

The Chanoine Frères cuvées are wines with character and body. They are structured around Pinot Noir grapes, in particular from the village of Les Riceys.

Champagne lovers appreciate their temperament, rooted in the terroir and allowing the typicality of the grape varieties to express itself

They are also won over by their notes of fruit.

Tsarine Champagnes

Tsarine champagnes

Balance is the source of inspiration for the Tsarine cuvées. Balance and harmony among the three grape varieties and their respective contributions: The freshness and mineral quality of Chardonnay; the gentle power, generosity, and length of the Pinot Noir de la Montagne de Reims; the roundness and suppleness of the Pinot Meunier.

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