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All the Episodes of the Series “Visiting Champagne” with Adriana

Reims, January 2021

A 9th savory episode

The video series produced by Tsarine champagnes reaches its climax in this final episode, in which Adriana Karembeu meets a Michelin-starred chef and explores the rich palette of possible pairings between food and champagnes. For Jean-Denis Rieubland, Executive Chef at the Royal Champagne Hotel in Épernay, “the bubbles awaken the palate” and give rise to ideas for delicious preparations.

The House of Chanoine Frères has been posting the series, totaling nine episodes, on the social networks since last November. As she meets with a winegrower, a chef and a cellar master; a director of production, an oenologist, a wine merchant... and an executive chef, Adriana reveals the stages — and a few secrets — of the process of making and tasting champagne.

Adriana, prestige ambassadress, also takes us to emblematic places in the Champagne world, between Reims and Épernay — the vineyards during harvest, cellars and vat-rooms, and even the kitchens of a grand restaurant.

“Visiting Champagne”: the complete series in nine four-to-eight minute episodes

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