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An Extra-Brut New Year’s Eve with Tsarine Orium

Reims, December 2021

Orium, the art of extra-brut

Orium is an extra-brut champagne inspired by the idea of purity and naturalness. Its creator, Chef de Cave Isabelle Tellier, developed the blend with a perfect balance of the three Champagne grape varieties Chardonnay (34%), Pinot Noir (33%) and Meunier (33%). She worked to maximize the natural sugar in the fruit so as to reduce the need for added sugar to the minimum. Orium champagne is aged for four years in the House's cellars, fermenting slowly so that maturation can develop all the finesse of its aromas.

To quote Isabelle in the video (see below) in which she discusses this wine, “With a subtle nose of yellow fruits, ample, silky mouthfeel, and bracing mineral finish, Orium is an extra-brut that pleases people who want a champagne without artifice, precise and delicate.”

Her art of making extra-brut has been confirmed by many awards

Isabelle Tellier’s “extra-brut” menu

For the Christmas and New Year holidays, Isabelle Tellier has created a menu whose keynote is delicacy to accompany Tsarine Orium, which should be enjoyed at between 8°C and 10°C throughout the meal.

Oysters are an obvious association with this extra-brut champagne! It’s fun to enjoy two different types of French oysters at the same time — Normandy oysters have an ocean taste (with a hint of iodine) and firm flesh, and the flat Brittany oysters also have the ocean taste, but with a slight hazelnut flavour. It’s a light, fresh, stimulating starter.

“Guinea fowl is also in season — its delicate taste is set off by a stuffing of delicate mushrooms such as girolles or chanterelles. The hazelnuts add a slight nutty taste and texture to the stuffing.

For dessert, a baba with gin instead of the usual rum, and zest of lemon. The gin is more delicate and subtle, to harmonise with Orium. I suggest you prepare and serve it in individual portions. That way it’s more elegant on a holiday table.”


Normandy and Brittany oysters


Main course

Guinea hen stuffed with mushrooms and hazelnuts



Gin baba, whipped cream and zest of lemon


Look for Tsarine Orium at your favourite wine dealer’s and on the Chanoine Frères online store*

* currently offered at a special holiday discount of 15%

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