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Best Wishes for 2021 From Chanoine Frères

Reims, January 2021

Occasions for celebrating life's happy moments have been rare in 2020.

The House of Chanoine Frères wishes a “better” 2021 to everyone who loves champagne and everyone who makes it — employees, suppliers of materials, the winegrowers and winemakers of Champagne, and all our customers, partners and consumers, in France and around the world.

Chanoine Frères has managed to adapt and to continue operations while adhering to all health and protective measures and requirements. Our People have been hard at work, without interruption, and have shown remarkable dedication. I want to thank them all.

At Chanoine Frères we know from experience — three centuries of experience — that after troubled times, peace and serenity return. And the very spirit of our House is being able to get through those difficult times calmly and serenely, with constancy and determination.

And the best way to stay the course and prepare for the future is to move forward together, taking care of one another with benevolence and trust.

The entire team of the House of Chanoine Frères join me in sending our warmest and sincerest wishes for the coming year.

Please take care of yourselves.

Franck Coste

CEO, Champagne Chanoine Frères

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