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#ChampagneDay: Everybody post!

Reims, 21 October 2021

Friday 22 October is “World Champagne Day,” now in its 12th year.

The idea of a worldwide Champagne Day was born in the USA in 2009, at the initiative of American blogger Chris Oggenfuss, who wanted to celebrate this unique wine in his own way.

The principle of the online event is simple: share photos or videos of good times had while enjoying your favourite bubbles over the social networks.

To participate, all you need is a smartphone and a little inspiration! All devotees of the House’s cuvées and other #champagnelover (s) will be sending their posts with the #ChampagneDay hashtag.

In France, the event even has its own official site in 7 languages and is also being relayed by the Comité Champagne.

[Drink Responsibly]

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