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Chanoine Frères 2020 Generation: “Our People,” episode 10

Reims, September 2020

To be better each day; to be uncompromising, but at the same time inventive; to strive always to share your experience with others to deepen and extend our collective expertise: Such are the attitudes and the principles that guide Isabelle and Denis in their work. Like all Our People, these two perfectionists share a commitment to quality and excellence in Tsarine and Chanoine champagnes.

Isabelle and Denis were caught by a photographer as they went about their work in the House’s cellars on the Allée du Vignoble in Reims. Along with Carine, Carlos, Mathilde, Nicolas, Daphnée, Didier, Sylvie, Edouard, Manon, Vincent, Stéphanie, Emmanuel, Karen, Fabien, Pascale, Jérôme, Lucie, and Olivier, they’re part of the Chanoine Frères 2020 Generation.

See who they are and what they do in the series of portraits of Our People that continues through the end of the year.

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