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Chanoine Frères 2020 Generation: “Our People,” Episode 4

Reims, May 2020

Why did Manon “jump right in to the deep end”? What is this place where, as Vincent says, “everything is quiet”?

What does it all have to do with champagne? And why is it important?

After Mathilde and Nicolas, Daphnée and Didier, and Sylvie and Edouard, our series of portraits of the 2020 Generation of the House of Chanoine Frères now introduces you to Manon and Vincent.

These artisans of Quality — and Safety — have been captured by a photographer as they do their work in the House’s cellars on the Allée du Vignoble in Reims.

They’re professionals with talent and taste who share a love of work well done and pride in making our House’s champagnes. Their commitment to the work they do day in and day out is proof that the role each one of them plays is vital.

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