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Chanoine Frères Réserve Privée Launches its new 100% Chardonnay

Reims, June 2021

The new Réserve Privée Blanc de Blancs from Chanoine Frères

Chanoine’s Réserve Privée cuvées are champagnes of character. The newest one, 100% Chardonnay, is no exception. Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave of the House of Chanoine Frères and creator of the Réserve Privée champagnes, told us about her intentions:

“— With this Blanc de Blancs, which is pure Chardonnay, I wanted to express the character of a noble grape variety by letting all the typical characteristics and the richness of this emblematic Champagne grape come forth. To do that I decided to assemble two Chardonnay terroirs.

Obviously I chose Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs, south of Epernay, which is the sector most often associated with the variety and where it predominates. But also Chardonnay from the Sézannais, where the variety is also dominant.

With the Côte de Sézanne, located even farther south of Epernay in the direction of Troyes, you’re in the same geological continuity but with certain soils that are higher in clay, which produces a Chardonnay that’s more mature and more fruit-forward.


he parcels are related geologically; the soil is chalky at the surface as well as farther down. Chardonnay thrives there and literally drinks up the minerality of these soils.

Using these two terroirs, I developed a 100%-Chardonnay champagne that expresses minerality and freshness with elegance. I wanted a delicate and vivacious wine, free of distractions, with body; a precise and elegant champagne.”

Isabelle Tellier, Cellar Master of Chanoine Frères 1730 and creator of the Réserve Privée champagnes

Tasting notes for Réserve Privée 100% Chardonnay

The wine, of a golden color with emerald highlights, gives off fine, delicate bubbles.

The nose reveals itself little by little with soft floral notes of acacia, followed by more mineral notes of flint and chalk.

The palate is well structured, complex, with delicate nuances of lemon and crisp yellow fruits that give way to a long, saline finish.

The ideal tasting temperature for this brut champagne with a dosage of 10 gr/l is between 10° and 12° C.

Isabelle Tellier’s wine-and-food pairings

This precise and elegant champagne, with its excellent freshness, goes well with very uncomplicated foods. Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave and a passionate enthusiast of wine-and-food associations, has created a resolutely oceanic menu.

“— Réserve Privée 100% Chardonnay will be the perfect accompaniment for fish and seafood. It will be at home with a tray of oysters or a carpaccio of white fish, and it’s delicious with a lobster soufflé.”

When it comes to desserts, Isabelle is insistent: “Very sweet cakes are not appropriate, because they kill the liveliness of this Blanc de Blancs. On the other hand, a lemon tart will bring out the delicate nuances of citrus and yellow fruit in this 100% Chardonnay.”

Tartare of sea bream with zest of lime

Seafood platter


Lobster soufflé


Lemon tart


Discover the new Chanoine Frères Réserve Privée 100% Chardonnay in your favorite stores and on the Chanoine Frères online store at 15% off right now.

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