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Chanoine Frères Réserve Privée Rosé on the Menu for Valentine’s Day

Reims, February 2022

To celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with champagne, Chanoine Frères Réserve Privée Rosé has just the right character and temperament! It’s an expressive champagne, lively, fruity and ample. It will be the ideal companion throughout a lovers’ dinner.

Réserve Privée Rosé, a champagne of character

Réserve Privée Rosé gets its temperament from the Pinots Noirs that make up the majority of its blend. They come from the Côte des Bar, in the south of the Champagne region, where the variety develops its full potential. Part of the Pinot Noir grapes are vinified as red wine to give this champagne its ruby color.

This hand-crafted wine, in numbered bottles, reveals flavors of wild strawberries, raspberries and other red fruits that give a subtle, delicate nose to a champagne for champagne lovers. (View the tasting notes for Réserve Privée Rosé).

The vineyards in the Côte des Bar, in Champagne

Isabelle Tellier’s Réserve Privée Rosé menu

To accompany Réserve Privée Rosé — of which she is the creator — Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave and a gourmet who loves being in the kitchen, suggests a menu inspired by the sea which will please gourmets on St. Valentine’s.

“— Spring rolls are a starter that is fresh and easy to make yourself or buy; the shrimp and mint harmonize well with the red-fruit notes in Réserve Privée Rosé.

Monkfish, when baked, blends well with the taste of smoked bacon; it’s an earth-and-sea combination that this pink champagne with body and temperament can handle easily.

For dessert, I’ve chosen a soft vanilla macaron; pastry shops have excellent ones. Serving it with raspberries is the obvious association, and it’s always a success. I love it.”


Spring rolls with mint and shrimp

Main course

Monkfish baked with smoked bacon and kuri squash


Vanilla macaron with raspberries

Réserve Privée Rosé should be served ideally at between 8°and 10°C.


You’ll find Chanoine Frères Réserve Privée Rosé champagne at better wine dealers and on the House’s online store. Ordered direct from the cellars in Reims, delivery is free in metropolitan France for two cases or more.

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