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Chanoine Frères’ Wishes for New Year 2023: Towards a Year of Light

Reims, 4 January 2022

Dear Customers, dear Friends and Partners,

2022 was a very good year for the House of Chanoine Frères 1730. Its brands, and in particular Tsarine, have developed strongly both in France and internationally with new product launches and new markets opened. In Champagne, Nature has been generous and has given us superb harvests that promise excellent cuvées to come.

I want to warmly thank the House’s teams, who have mobilized to build these excellent results within an organization focused on quality and safety, and I salute the talent of Isabelle Tellier, our Chef de Cave, whose recognized know-how has garnered a record number of awards and gold medals for Chanoine Frères’ Tsarine and Réserve Privée cuvées in competitions in France and around the world.

The year just beginning is a special year for the House: The young Tsarine brand will celebrate its 25th anniversary, and is as innovative, elegant, and seductive as ever!

We will make 2023 an inspired year, rich in surprises and emotions. Tsarine will continue to innovate in the universe of champagne. The teams have prepared a program that is worthy of the event and, we hope, up to your expectations!

This anniversary is also a reminder of our philosophy — that champagne is meant to celebrate all of life’s beautiful moments. I wish you an excellent year 2023, and may there be many of those happy moments to share and to savor, perpetuating the joy in living that has been the real raison d’être of our Champagne House since 1730.

Best wishes. Take care of yourselves and of the people around you.

Franck Coste

Chief Executive Officer, Champagne Chanoine Frères

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