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Chanoine Héritage Champagnes: Tasting Notes

Reims, May 2020

The Chanoine Héritage range currently includes five authentic and generous champagnes that are worthy inheritors of the history and know-how of the House of Chanoine, founded in 1730.

Chanoine Héritage champagnes give luster to life’s finest moments, the ones that can only be celebrated with champagne — birthdays, weddings, family reunions, successes and other times of joy.

With its ornate oval label, a bottle of Chanoine Héritage champagne is instantly recognizable. This champagne of quality and tradition is trusted and appreciated by everyone.

To fully appreciate each of the five cuvées, you will find tasting notes for each on the site — color and bubble quality, aromas in the nose, mouthfeel and flavors on the palate. Chef de Cave Isabelle Tellier complements this sensory analysis with a few suggested food-wine pairings.

Chanoine Héritage Cuvée Brut

This well-structured, youthful and generous champagne is the emblematic cuvée of the Chanoine Héritage range. Blended from the three Champenois grape varieties, Chanoine Héritage Cuvée Brut is a brilliant gold in color with a delicate nose, full and lively in the mouth. With a Sunday dinner, it can worthily accompany great classic recipes like an Orloff veal roast or crêpes Suzette.


Chanoine Héritage Premier Cru

Made with grapes from the best terroirs of the Montagne de Reims, the Côte des Blancs and the upper Marne Valley, Chanoine Héritage Premier Cru is a rich, complex, full-bodied champagne.

It will go well with pan-fried foie gras as a starter or main course at a banquet or wedding dinner.


Chanoine Héritage Cuvée Rosé

A champagne with a velvety texture, slightly robust, Chanoine Héritage Cuvée Rosé adores red fruits. Luscious and with a “Pompadour pink” color, it goes perfectly with a strawberry birthday cake or a simple salad of red fruits.


Chanoine Héritage Blanc de noirs

Made exclusively with red grapes with white pulp, Chanoine Héritage Blanc de Noirs is a blend of 65% Pinot Noir and 35% Pinot Meunier. At a family dinner, this rich and unctuous champagne can accompany a fattened hen stuffed with mushrooms, for example, with a Tarte Tatin for dessert.


Chanoine Héritage Millésime 2015

This champagne stands out for its elegance and freshness. Awarded distinctions in the Hachette Wine Guide in 2019 and 2020, Chanoine Héritage Millésime 2015 is elegant enough to pair with Alsatian pretzels or Indian-style samosas. Perfect for celebrating a happy event such as a birth, a christening, or a graduation!


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