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Cuvée Pierre Chanoine 1730 Launches

Reims, Octobre 2022

On the occasion of the launch of Cuvée Pierre Chanoine 1730, Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave of the House of Chanoine Frères, introduces the new brut champagne in a video (length 1’14”).

I created this champagne as a tribute to Pierre Chanoine, the founder of our House. In 1730, under King Louis XV, he excavated the first wine cellars in Épernay…"

The Pierre Chanoine cuvée has been aged three years in our cellars to develop a great wealth of flavors and make it a fully mature champagne…

Les notes de dégustation de la Cuvée Pierre Chanoine, un champagne harmonieux et généreux

With its brilliant gold color, Cuvée Pierre Chanoine has a nose rich in delicious flavors of quince jelly, candied orange, caramel and vanilla. The palate reveals notes of mocha, spices and cacao…

I feel that Pierre Chanoine would have been pleased with this harmonious and generous champagne. It is a traditional cuvée, like a family champagne that is handed from generation to generation.

For foods to accompany Cuvée Pierre Chanoine, Isabelle suggests a Serrano ham or an aged cheddar at aperitif time, and as main courses veal chops with morel mushrooms or monkfish with saffron. The ideal tasting temperature for Cuvée Pierre Chanoine is between 10° and 12°C.


The new Cuvée Pierre Chanoine 1730 from the House of Chanoine Frères, the second oldest champagne house, is now available from better dealers in France.

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