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Fine Bubbles and Ruby Color: Réserve Privée Rosé

Reims, August 2022

The August 15 holiday weekend is upon us. The schedule includes renewing acquaintance with friends during lively gatherings that extend into the cool of the night. Everyone is rested and relaxed, ready to cool off around the pool with a glass of pink champagne in hand.

To make these agreeable summer times a success, Isabelle Tellier — Chef de Cave of Chanoine Frères and a gourmet with a passion for food-wine pairings — suggests associating her Réserve Privée Rosé champagne with foods that are easy to prepare on the plancha with friends:


Accras of white fish

Mini-skewers of melon and country ham


Grilled squid

Lamb skewers

Skewered vegetables


Apricot crumble

Financiers with Matcha tea and raspberries

A rosé champagne for Pinot Noir fans

IIsabelle, Chef de Cave and creator of the Réserve Privée champagnes, says “this rosé champagne gets its character from the Pinots Noirs that are dominant in the blend. These Pinots Noirs come from the Vallée de la Marne and the Côte des Bar, farther to the south, in the sunniest part of the appellation zone. In fact I vinify 9% of them as red wine to give this rosé champagne its ruby color.

Réserve Privée Rosé is a lively, fruity champagne, fresh and ample. The wine has a touch of tannin and flavors of wild strawberries, raspberries and red fruits. It’s a rosé champagne with character, velvety and yet robust. That means it can accompany both meat and fish perfectly in summertime.

I advise chilling the bottle well in the refrigerator, standing up, to enjoy Réserve Privée Rosé at between 8 and 10°C. It will be easy to keep cold by putting the bottles in a container with water and ice cubes.”


Find Chanoine Frères Réserve Privée Rosé in your favorite store and at Chanoine Frères’online store.

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