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For Easter, Put Chanoine Héritage Millésime 2015 on the Menu

Reims, Avril 2022

Eastertime is an occasion for getting the family together, and it’s the ideal time to share a glass of an Héritage champagne. This year, why not make it Millésime 2015, a champagne that combines elegance and freshness.

For a meal that honors the best of French tradition, foie gras and veal filet mignon are the perfect choices. And for dessert, a real Easter treat: a nest of biscuit with praline-flavored butter cream, decorated with pretty little Easter eggs.


Foie gras, poppy jelly


Main course

Veal filet mignon with morel mushrooms, new potatoes



Easter egg nest with praline paste


Throughout the meal, Chanoine Héritage Millésime 2015 should be enjoyed at between 10°C and 12°C.

Héritage Millésime 2015, blending and tasting notes

Chanoine Héritage Millésime 2015 is made up of 53% Pinot Noir, largely from the Montagne de Reims, and 47% Meunier.

Its color is golden with silvery highlights. The nose is delicate and seductive, with scents of hawthorn, elder, and orange zest. The palate is complex, balanced between freshness and tension, exuding flavors of quince jelly and ginger; the finish is long, with additional notes of roasting.

Find Chanoine Héritage champagnes at your favorite store and at the Chanoine Frères online store.

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