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For the Holiday Lull, Put Chanoine Héritage Millésime 2015 on the Menu

Reims, December 2021

Héritage Millésime 2015: Elegance and freshness

Happily, the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day is also a time for celebrating with friends and family. Doesn’t Christmas last twelve days? And the holiday lull also offers excellent occasions for opening a fine bottle of champagne. Chanoine Héritage Millésime 2015 is a fine vintage, perfect for toasting the year that’s ending and ringing in the new one with elegance.

2015 was a good year for Pinot Noir, which makes up the majority of this particular blend. Chanoine Héritage Millésime 2015 is made up of 53% Pinot Noir and 47% Meunier, all from the harvest of that single year. The Pinot Noirs selected for the cuvée are from the best growing areas — in particular the Montagne de Reims.

Tasting notes for Chanoine Héritage Millésime 2015

Gold colour with silvery highlights.

The nose is delicate and charming, with fragrances of hawthorn, elderberry and zest of orange.

The palate is complex, combining freshness and tension, with flavours of quince jelly and ginger; the finish is long and accompanied by roasted notes.

What food to serve with Chanoine Héritage 2015?

Here is an inventive menu that’s easy to prepare for a refined holiday family meal, with dishes that harmonize well with the delicacy of Héritage Millésime 2015 champagne, between freshness and tension.

Throughout the meal, this wine should be drunk at between 10°C and 12°C.


Cream of Jerusalem artichokes with scallops


Main course

Duck in papillote with honey and pears



Roasted mandarin orange with spices, black-tea ice cream


As the starter, the Jerusalem artichoke — a very old vegetable — gives the cream a slightly sweet taste that marries well with scallops. En papillote is an original and uncomplicated way to cook duck; the honey and the pear add a sweet note that harmonizes well with the fruit notes in the 2015 vintage.

For dessert, a recipe that’s easy to prepare: a seasonal citrus fruit, mandarin orange, oven-roasted with a few spices, a little cinnamon and star anise; the ice cream contrasts with the hot fruit to delight the taste buds.

Look for Chanoine Héritage in your favourite stores and on the Chanoine Frères online store.*

* currently offered at a special holiday discount of 20%

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