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Isabelle’s Champagnes: “Tsarine Rosé: The Secrets of a Success,” video

Reims, November 2021

“Tsarine Rosé: the Secrets of a Success” (length 1’12”) is the third film in the series Isabelle’s Champagnes.

“Tsarine Rosé always has a beautiful color; I aim at an intense rose pink that immediately suggests pleasure and gourmandise […]

Each year, I develop it with great precision. I create a fine balance among the three Champagne grape varieties [...]”

Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave of the House of Chanoine since 2001, is the creator of Tsarine Rosé. She explains her approach to blending the champagne and the reasons for its success.

Tsarine Rosé has received 48 awards and distinctions in France and internationally since its launch in 2003.

This year, Tsarine Rosé has won:

Voir les épisodes de la série "Les champagnes d’Isabelle"

The series Isabelle’s Champagnes was launched in October to celebrate Chef de Cave Isabelle Tellier’s 20 years with the House. The films in the series will be released through early January on the House’s blog, on the LinkedIn and Facebook networks, and also on the Chanoine Frères YouTube channel — to which you can subscribe to be sure not to miss any episodes — as well as on the Chanoine Frères website.

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