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Isabelle’s Champagnes, “Vintage Years, Exceptional Wines,” video

Reims, December 2021

Vintage Years, Exceptional Wines” (length 1’10”) is the sixth film in the series “Isabelle’s Champagnes.”

“In Champagne, there are exceptional years when the grapes are very high in quality. When we have such an exceptional year, we want to make exceptional wines — vintage wines […]

Certain champagnes have even more potential […]

Tsarine Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs 2003, Tzarina 2004 and Tzarina 2005 […] are such exceptional cuvées.”

In this film, Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave of the House of Chanoine since 2001, explains when, why and how she chooses to create vintage champagnes for the Tsarine line.

Isabelle’s Champagnes, the video series

The series Isabelle’s Champagnes was launched in October to celebrate Isabelle Tellier’s 20 years as the House’s Chef de Cave. The films in the series will be featured through early January on the House's blog, on the LinkedIn and Facebook networks, and also on the Chanoine Frères YouTube channel — to which you can subscribe to be sure not to miss a single episode — as well as on the Chanoine Frères site.

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