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Message from the President CEO of Champagne Chanoine Frères

Reims, 2 April 2020

Tsarine champagnes and Chanoine champagnes bottles

Dear customers and friends,

As you may know, the House of Chanoine Frères has not ceased its activity. Work continues this week in our cellars in Reims.

Shipping of our Tsarine and Chanoine champagnes continues to all regions of France and elsewhere and is adapting to demand from our various customers with maximum flexibility.

Beginning 16 March we organized and adapted our mode of production in keeping with the need for protecting our teams and keeping them safe:

- protective equipment: smocks and masks

- safety distances on production lines

- separate entry and exit airlocks

- modified schedule for alternating production by shop and by line

- teleworking for all compatible jobs

- staff present on the site reduced and adapted on a volunteer basis.

We feel that the continuation of our production and logistics activities is an integral part of our corporate social responsibility. That responsibility entails a commitment to all of our stakeholders: customers and consumers, employees, partners, suppliers of raw materials, and the wine-makers and winegrowers of Champagne.

We are highly aware that maintaining economic activity contributes to the permanence of enterprises, of our local environment here in Champagne, and more broadly to financing our country’s system of social and health benefits.

The House of Chanoine Frères has been a robust and reactive partner for many years. The current situation must serve as an opportunity to demonstrate that in solidarity with you.

We want to thank you for your trust.

Franck Coste

President CEO, Champagne Chanoine Frères

Franck Coste, President CEO Champagne Chanoine Frères

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