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The New Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec on the Christmas Menu

Reims, December 2021

Historically, demi-sec most resembles the original taste of champagne as it was appreciated in the time of Louis XV — when Pierre Chanoine founded his house in 1730 — and as it was long preferred by the French in general. Demi-sec champagne has also long been a favourite with Russian champagne lovers, whom the House has been serving since the 18th century.

Though it had somewhat gone out of style, this champagne, with its superb roundness and delicate sweetness, deserves to be rediscovered. And Chanoine is faithful to its heritage in offering this new Héritage Demi-Sec cuvée.

Louis XV, knows and “the Beloved,” 1710-1774, King of France and Navarre

Héritage Demi-Sec, an authentic and generous champagne

Launched in 2021, Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec champagne is blended of 65% Pinot Noir and 35% Meunier wines. The Pinot Noirs selected for this cuvée come from the best growing regions — les Riceys in the Côte des Bar and the Montagne de Reims.

This fine blend based entirely on blancs de noirs (that is, white grapes with dark skins) was drawn from the 2016 harvest, enriched with reserve wines from 2013, 2014 and 2015, primed with 34 g/l of sugar and bottled in 2017.

Three to four years of aging have made Héritage Demi-Sec champagne a vinous, structured, and unctuous wine, harmonious and well balanced.

Tasting notes for Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec

A rich amber in colour, the wine releases strings of fine, delicate bubbles.

The nose, rich and delicious, opens with flavors of jellied quince and almond extract and then subtly moves to delightful notes of litchi and Bartlett pear.

The creamy, harmonious palate confirms that impression and evolves toward notes of dried fruits and a fine, ample finish.

A Héritage Christmas Menu

For a good meal with family the evening before Christmas or on New Year’s Day, Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec can accompany a traditional menu quite well.

Vinous, rich and delicious, Héritage Demi-Sec goes equally well with foie gras and with a fine fowl, and of course with dessert. It should be enjoyed at between 10°C and 12°C.


Foie gras tourte with porcini mushrooms


Main course

Soy-lacquered fattened hen with roast vegetables



Tiramisù bûche


A rich, evolved wine, Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec will express all its qualities with foie gras, which in turn is perfectly complemented by porcini mushrooms. The fattened hen is lacquered with a soy sauce that will caramelise during roasting; the sweetness will accentuate the sugar in the Héritage Demi-Sec.

As for the bûche (Yule-log cake) treated here as a tiramisù and flavoured with coffee, it will harmonise with the tertiary roasted aromas of this fine demi-sec champagne.


Look for Chanoine Héritage in your favourite stores and on the Chanoine Frères online store.*

* currently offered at a special holiday discount of 20%

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