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Our People: The Chanoine Frères 2020 Generation

Reims, March 2020

Chanoine Frères is inaugurating a gallery of portraits on its site: “Our People,” with beautiful images of the women and men who take part in making the Chanoine and Tsarine champagne cuvées. Because the role each one of them plays is important.

Since 1730, when the second-oldest champagne house was founded by Pierre Chanoine, generation has followed generation. At Chanoine Frères, our vocation is unchanged and is handed down over time: Making champagnes of quality and helping to share the pleasure of champagne in France and around the world.

Every fortnight, you can discover the faces of members of the Chanoine Frères 2020 Generation and the work they do. They make up a family of people with knowledge, talent, and taste. They share a love for work well done and pride in making the House’s champagnes.

These artisans of quality are portrayed as they do their work, in the cellars of the House on the Allée du Vignoble in Reims. Portrait photographer Jean-Baptiste Delerue has worked to capture the skill, the work, and the personality of each of them.

So make the acquaintance of Mathilde and Nicolas today, and very soon Daphnée and Didier and many others in the weeks ahead…

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