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Our People: The Eye and the Hand

Reims, August 2022

Jacques, who is a pillar of the House — like Pascale, Olivier and Aurélien, he has been there since the cellars on the Allée du Vignoble in Reims were built — and Damien, who recently joined the team, together symbolize experience and the perpetuation of the skills cultivated at Chanoine Frères.

Jacques and Damien are among the Artisans of Quality who rely on a sharp eye, a sense of preciseness and the “intelligence of the hand.”

Their portraits have just been added to the Our People gallery, where you can go to learn about the different talents and trades that contribute to making and ensuring the quality of Chanoine Frères 1730 champagnes.

Jacques and Damien were caught by the photographer as they went about their work on the production lines in the House's cellars. The Our People portrait gallery can be viewed on the site under the heading “Quality and Innovation”.

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