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Réserve Privée Celebrates St Vincent’s Day

Reims, January 2022

Saint Vincent’s Day, a tradition in Champagne

After a year’s absence, the Saint Vincent’s Day celebration is being held again in Champagne, where the patron saint of winegrowers is very popular. The festivities began 15 January in Épernay, where nearly a thousand people were on hand for the traditional event.

The assembly of some sixty winegrowers’ confraternities, villages, and Champagne houses was followed by a parade of the Archconfraternity of Saint Vincent along the famous Avenue de Champagne, then by Solemn Mass at the church of Notre Dame d’Épernay.

"When at St. Vincent's the weather is fine, there's wine aplenty in the vine.”

Saint Vincent’s Day falls on 22 January in the traditional French calendar. Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave of the House of Chanoine Frères and creator of the Réserve Privée wines, recalled the importance of the tradition: “In Champagne, it’s a festive and significant event. Saint Vincent’s falls at a critical date in the cycle of the vine and of the wine. We thank the patron saint of winegrowers for last year’s harvest and for the new wines, and place ourselves under his protection during all the work to be done in the coming year.”

Réserve Privée: A Special Offer for St Vincent’s Day

In honor of the feast day this year, through Monday 31 January Chanoine Frères is offering a reduction of 20% to tempt you to try its two new Réserve Privée Champagnes.

  • The 2015 vintage Brut Millésime 2015 from Chanoine Frères Réserve Privée is a wine of character, lively and distinguished, that has aged for five years in the House’s cellars in Reims. It is made up of 53% wines from Pinot Noir grapes and 47% from Chardonnay. Says Isabelle Tellier “2015 was finally a very good year for the Pinots Noirs from the Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Bar, which give their character to this vintage cuvée.”

  • The 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs is a champagne of character, precise and elegant and with a lovely freshness. Isabelle Tellier adds “I wanted to create a champagne with character that expresses all the typical characteristics of this noble strain of Champagne grape. I chose two Chardonnay terroirs for the blend — the Côte des Blancs south of Epernay and the Côte de Sézanne.”

Champagne lovers will appreciate the temperament of these two champagnes of character, whose roots are in the soils they spring from. Enjoy them at a temperature of between 10 and 12°C, accompanied by seasonal fare. The 100% Chardonnay will go well with a finely architectured seafood platter to share among friends. The vintage Millésime 2015 will be delicious with a confit of lamb shanks with chestnuts.


Now is the time to discover Réserve Privée 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs and Brut Millésime 2015 at a special 20% discount on the House of Chanoine Frères online store.

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