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Terre de Vins Magazine: 290 Years of Chanoine Frères

In "Terre de Vins", December 2020 special issue, Franck Coste, President of Champagne Chanoine Frères which celebrates its 290 years

Reims, December 2020

A 300 year-old House, founded in 1730

In its December special issue "Inspiration Champagne," the magazine Terre de Vins includes an excellent feature about houses that traverse the centuries and the centenaries being celebrated in 2020. One article is devoted to the House of Chanoine Frères, which is celebrating its 290th year.

Franck Coste, CEO of Champagne Chanoine Frères, points out the major dates in the House's history since its founding by Pierre Chanoine.

"The second-oldest of all the champagne houses! Founded in 1730, one year after Ruinart, it was given authorization to excavate the first cellar on the Faubourg de la Folie in Épernay, which later became the Avenue de Champagne.”

In the avant-garde… since the 18th century

Talking about the launch of Tsarine in 1995 as a tribute to the history of the House — which was one of the first to send bottles of champagne to the Russian imperial court —, Franck Coste concludes:

Today, proud of that prestigious past, we continue to develop — an example is Tsarine's Orium cuvée, an extra-brut that is both fruity and mineral, reserved for the traditional wine-store circuit."

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