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The Chanoine Frères 2020 Generation: “Our People,” Episode 7

Reims, June 2020

Running a major champagne house, developing many cuvées every year, requires a broad variety of highly exacting skills. That is why, at Chanoine Frères, we don’t only blend wines. We also assemble talents and qualities — such as experience and curiosity. Our portraits of Pascale and Jérôme are good examples.

Pascale and Jérôme were captured by a photographer as they went about their work in the House’s cellars on the Allée du Vignoble in Reims. Along with Mathilde, Nicolas, Daphnée, Didier, Sylvie, Edouard, Manon, Vincent, Stéphanie, Emmanuel, Karen, and Fabien, they’re part of the Chanoine Frères 2020 Generation.

See who they are and what they do in the series of portraits of the 2020 Generation that have been appearing twice a month since March.

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