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The Chanoine Frères 2020 Generation: “Our People,” episode 11

Reims, September 2020

At Chanoine Frères, Richard is an established presence and is conscientiousness personified. How does he do it? And why does Anthony see himself as “a little like a mechanic during a Formula One race” ?

Richard and Anthony were caught by a photographer as they went about their work in the House’s cellars on the Allée du Vignoble in Reims. Along with Isabelle, Denis Carine, Carlos, Mathilde, Nicolas, Daphnée, Didier, Sylvie, Edouard, Manon, Vincent, Stéphanie, Emmanuel, Karen, Fabien, Pascale, Jérôme, Lucie, and Olivier, they’re part of the Chanoine Frères 2020 Generation.

See who they are and what they do in the series of portraits of Our People that continues through the end of the year.

“The House of Chanoine Frères have come far, look far and are going far”

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