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The Elegance of Tsarine Rosé for Valentine’s Day

Reims, February 2023

For the feast of the patron saint of lovers, find inspiration in Tsarine Rosé’s delicate bubbles, elegant bottle, and beautiful intense-pink color. A few tender words spoken over a fine dinner with Tsarine will make sure that love is in the air!

Isabelle Tellier’s St. Valentine’s Day menu

Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave and a gourmet with a passionate interest in food-wine pairings, has developed a special Valentine’s Day menu to accompany Tsarine Rosé, a champagne with magnificent flavors of red fruits and a remarkable freshness:

The starter is a scallop tartare, a seasonal dish that looks pretty with its white and red colors, and is easy to prepare. The dish accented by litchis, which add floral notes that harmonize with the red-fruit notes in Tsarine Rosé. For the main course, a grenadine — a veal medallion, a delicate meat that I like to cook with thyme, which accents the strawberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant fragrances of this rosé champagne.

For dessert, the dome cake — very light, made with mango mousse, which has an acidic side that blends perfectly with the red-fruit and passion-fruit glaze — is a nod to lovers to fit the occasion.

Throughout the meal, I advise drinking Tsarine Rosé at a temperature of between 8° and 10° C. You can leave the bottle in an ice bucket with water and ice cubes to keep it cold.”


Tartare of scallops with litchis and pomegranate seeds

Main course

Grenadine of veal with thyme and broccoli mousseline


Dome cake with mango and passion fruit


Tsarine Rosé: Secrets of a Success

In the film “Tsarine Rosé: Secrets of a Success,” Chef de Cave Isabelle Tellier explains how she carries out the meticulous blending of this champagne.

Isabelle, who created the cuvée, also cites a few reasons for its success: “I use two words to describe this champagne: ‘freshness’ and ‘gourmandise.’ With its lovely color and delicate bubbles, Tsarine Rosé pleases women and appeals to men.”

Tsarine Rosé, a success in France and internationally

Tsarine Rosé has received over 50 distinctions in France and internationally since it was launched in 2003.

The latest awards for Tsarine Rosé were a gold medal at the Sakura Japan Women's Wine Award 2022 in Tokyo and a gold medal in the International Gilbert & Gaillard Challenge, a benchmark for wine professionals and wine lovers around the world.


Find Tsarine Rosé Brut champagne at better wine dealers and on the House of Chanoine Frères 1730 online store in half-bottles, bottles (75 cl), and magnums (150 cl).

Also available online is Tsarine Rosé LUX in illuminated bottles and magnums.

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