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The Ideal Menu for Celebrating Mothers’ Day with Tsarine Blanc de Blancs

Reims, May 2022

The sleek black bottle Tsarine Blanc de Blancs comes to you in is unique. It will be quite at home on a fine table set for Mothers’ Day.

Seafood menu for Mothers' Day 2022

Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave and creator of Tsarine Blanc de Blancs, suggests an “oceanic menu” that lets the minerality of Tsarine Blanc de Blancs, which comes from the Chardonnay grapes, harmonize with the delicately iodinic taste of the seafood and fish.

“— The starter is warm oysters in a champagne zabaglione, which subtly complements the slightly spicy, saline finish of the Blanc de Blancs.

“Pollack is a delicate-fleshed fish, much less familiar than its cousin the saithe, but in my opinion more delicate, ideal for accompanying the candied-citrus notes in the nose and palate of this champagne. We bake it en papillotte to conserve all the flavors. Black rice — which by the way is high in nutritional value — provides contrast and a nod to the color of the bottle.”

Baked oysters in champagne zabaglione


Pollack with chive butter, black rice


Pistachio succès cake


The ideal tasting temperature for Tsarine Blanc de Blancs is between 10° and 12°C.

Tsarine Blanc de Blancs, triple Gold Medalist

Launched in 2021, Tsarine Blanc de Blancs has already won three gold medals this year: In Germany at the Mundus Vini Wine Awards in February and the worldwide Berlin Wine Trophy in March, and in France at the Feminalise World Wine Competition in April. It was also selected by the Guide Véron des Champagnes in its 2023 edition.

The Blanc de Blancs cuvée was developed by Chef de Cave Isabelle Tellier using the best grand cru Chardonnays from the celebrated Côte des Blancs south of Épernay. The very dark glass bottle is eco-designed to protect the organoleptic qualities of this refined and delicate champagne.

Look for Tsarine Blanc de Blancs in its elegant embossed white package with the fluted-bottle motif at all better wine dealers. It’s also available on the Chanoine Frères online store, currently at a 20% discount in honor of Mothers’ Day.

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