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The Limited Edition 2020 Tsarine Collector Muselet Caps Are Now on Sale

Reims, October 2020

Again this year, Tsarine champagnes will be sporting limited-edition collectible muselet caps that recall the major dates in champagne's history.

So, lovers of muselet caps (the French, naturally, have a word for you: placomusophile), enrich your collection with Tsarine! The bottles bearing the six caps in the new, (very) limited series are recognizable by their red neck band. So good hunting!

For the pleasure of all collectors, the six new caps in this 2020 series are being used on three cuvées: Tsarine Brut Premium, Tsarine Brut Rosé, and Tsarine Millésime 2014.

Six caps for three indelible dates:


Elisabeth Petrovna becomes Elisabeth I of Russia.

It was eleven years after Pierre Chanoine, an enterprising and innovative young merchant, had the first Champagne wine cellars dug at Épernay.


Champagne advances its conquest of the Russian aristocracy and is invited to the coronation of Catherine II of Russia.

Pierre's older brother Jean-Baptiste Chanoine shipped his bottles of saute-bouchon (“pop-cork”) everywhere, including to the court of the Tsarina of all the Russias.


Russia has become the fourth-largest export market for Champagne wines.

Young brothers Jacques-Louis and Pierre II Chanoine, grandsons of founder Pierre and sons of Jean-Baptiste, learn the trade and travel throughout Europe.


The first vintage designations are placed on champagne labels.

At Chanoine Frères, the fourth generation has taken over and Jean-Baptiste and Jean-Louis Chanoine have acquired the largest cellars in Épernay. Surely with the intention of ageing vintage champagnes…


The Exposition Universelle in Paris was an opportunity for 32 million visitors from the world over to discover champagne.

Henri Chanoine, the sixth generation of the dynasty, is at the head of a prosperous House exporting champagnes to the four corners of the world.


Isabelle Tellier becomes one of the first women to be appointed Chef de Cave in Champagne.

Isabelle, winner of numerous international awards, is the creator of the Tsarine Rosé and Tsarine Millésime 2014 cuvées, among others.

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