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The New Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec

Reims, July 2021

Chanoine Héritage is now a range of six authentic and generous champagnes. A new cuvée, Demi-Sec, has joined the family.

Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec, a rich and delectable champagne

Demi-sec champagnes are sweeter than brut ones, for a champagne that has roundness and softness on the palate.

Historically, it is originally how champagne tasted and the style the French have long favored. That taste undeniably associates best with desserts; a demi-sec traditionally accompanies pastries, brioches and fruit tarts.

Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec is based on a blend made up of 65% Pinot Noir and 35% Meunier, highlighting Pinot Noirs from the very best parcels — in Les Riceys in the Côte des Bar and in the Montagne de Reims.

The vineyard and village of Les Riceys

Tasting notes for Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec

The color is a deep amber, set off by strings of fine, delicate bubbles.

The nose is rich and delicious, opening on flavors of quince paste and almond extract and then gently evolving towards delightful notes of litchi and Bartlett pear.

The velvety, harmonious palate confirms that impression and moves towards nutty notes, ending with a fine amplitude.

This demi-sec champagne, with a dosage of 34 g/l, should be served at between 10° and 12° C.

What foods to pair with Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec?

For this rich, gourmand champagne, Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave and a lover of food-and-wine pairings, suggests a complete menu — starter, main course, cheese, and dessert — that will make any gourmet happy at a festive dinner or family celebration.

“— Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec, with its velvety mouthfeel, will pair deliciously with a foie gras starter; it’s been a sure-fire association since the 19th century. For the main course, this demi-sec will easily marry with a sweet-and-savory dish.

Its long finish will do justice to a soft, tasty blue cheese like a Fourme d’Ambert. But Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec is of course also a dessert champagne; it will go marvelously well with sweet fruit tarts and the famous Paris-Brest, a puff pastry filled with praline cream — which I happen to adore.”

Foie gras


Lamb tajine with apricots


Fourme d’Ambert


Almond-cream tart with pears


Tarte Tatin


Discover the new Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec in your favorite stores and at the Chanoine Frères online store.

Try Chanoine Héritage Demi-Sec now in its special format of two 75-cl bottles.

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