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The New Tzarina Cuvée on the New Year’s Eve Menu!

Reims, December 2021

The new Tzarina blend

In its unique bottle, whose fluting is alternately transparent and frosted to reveal the champagne’s colour, Tzarina is a prestige cuvée in a limited series, ideal for celebrating the special moment that is New Year’s Eve.

The latest edition of Tzarina is a wine derived from the 2015 harvest, bottled in 2016 and which has aged in the House's cellars on the Allée du Vignoble in Reims for five years. The blend is made up of 54% Chardonnay and 41% Pinot Noir, mostly premier cru and grand cru, and 5% Meunier.

This precise, rich champagne of great elegance has a fine potential for ageing.

Isabelle Tellier’s 2021 Tzarina menu

For your New Year’s Eve celebration dinner, Isabelle Tellier has created a delicious gastronomic menu to accompany the new Tzarina blend — which should be enjoyed ideally at between 10°C and 12°C throughout the meal.

I like my foie gras with a delicate chutney of citrus fruits, which creates an interesting balance between tart and sweet. It will highlight the candied-citrus notes you’ll find in Tzarina’s nose; it’s an excellent starter.

As the main course, veal is a fairly delicate meat; here it’s set off by the notes of hazelnuts in the butternut and by the morel, which is a delicious mushroom. I used to love gathering morels in the Aisne, where you find them hiding among the fallen leaves at the forest’s edge.

For dessert, the mandarin soufflé is light and acidulated; accompanied with a gingerbread, it brings out Tzarina’s citrus and spice notes.”


Foie gras, nuts and citrus chutney


Main course

Grenadine of veal with morels, butternut purée with chestnut pieces



Mandarin soufflé with gingerbread


Look for Tzarina at your favourite wine dealer’s and on the Chanoine Frères online store*.

* currently offered at a special holiday discount of 15%

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