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The Tsarine Magnum: The King of Champagne Bottles with your King Cake

Reims, January 2022

Epiphany and the King Cake are an excellent occasion to open and enjoy a magnum of champagne. The magnum, also called double fiole under Louis XV, is indeed a regal container for champagne. A magnum, which contains 150 cl, is the equivalent of two bottles. Tsarine offers five different ones — Brut Premium, Rosé, Orium, Tsarine by Adriana and Tzarina


The magnum has several advantages. Not only is the bottle beautiful to behold — which is even more true of the Tsarine magnums with their graceful fluting —, but it also allows the taste of the champagne to fully express itself. It’s generally agreed that champagne becomes rounder, more balanced, and more expressive when drunk from a magnum.

The magnum and the King Cake with Isabelle Tellier, Tsarine’s Chef de Cave

— On 6 January 2022 — and also the following weekend for those with a real sweet tooth! — we can share the traditional King Cake accompanied by a magnum of champagne. To me, the magnum is synonymous with sharing. It’s the most festive format. The King Cake party is by definition a shared moment, which makes it the ideal occasion. Especially since the gourmet harmony is ideal — the bubbles lighten the buttery sensation of the flake pastry.

Winter has its advantages! If you don’t have room in the fridge, you can chill your magnum outside on the balcony or windowsill — unless it’s really too cold out. That makes it easy to maintain the ideal tasting temperatures — between 8 and 10° for Orium, the Premium Brut and the Rosé, and between 10 and 12°for Tsarine by Adriana and Tzarina.

You can also use an ice bucket — fill it with water and ice cubes up to two thirds the height of the magnum.

Opening a magnum is no problem; it opens just like an ordinary champagne bottle. But in serving, it’s better to use both hands — one to hold the bottle at the bottom “Champagne-style” — with your thumb in the punt and your fingers aligned around the base —, but with one hand on the neck of the magnum.

Tradition : la galette des rois se déguste à l'Épiphanie qui célèbre la visite des Rois mages à l'enfant Jésus

Tsarine’s new Orium magnum

Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave and Tsarine’s creator, had this to say about the new Orium magnum:

— Tsarine Orium Extra-Brut in magnums has aged five years in the House's cellars. The long aging develops the tertiary flavours of this extra-brut, and the large container makes them even more expressive. The evolved flavours, the toasted hazelnut notes, will echo the frangipane and almond flavours of the classic French King Cake.”

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