Tsar’In Box 2019: A Disco-Pop Décor for Tsarine Champagnes

Reims, December 2019

The event is always eagerly anticipated by fans of Tsarine: During the holiday season, Tsarine’s bottles are dressed in festive finery, in a special packaging that’s a real collector’s item for friends and devotees of Tsarine wines.

One year follows another, but no two are alike. In 2019 Tsarine is dressed in a metal-finished box with vibrant reflections, topped with a Plexiglas dome — a resolutely Disco-Pop décor!

It makes a superb gift item that can also serve as an inventive holiday table decoration.

Tsarine Cuvée Premium, Tsarine Rosé, Tsarine Demi Sec and Tsarine Millésime 2014 each have their own special “evening dress” in shimmering colors and original motifs for each cuvée.

The result is a spectacular presentation of Tsarine wines gracing the most prestigious champagne shelves throughout France at holiday time.

“The House of Chanoine Frères have come far, look far and are going far”

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