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Tsarine: All the Champagnes that Inspire!

Reims, 24 January 2020

Discover the new Tsarine website, where Tsarine gives you an elegant overview of all eight cuvées in its range of champagnes:

- Tzarina

- Tsarine by Adriana

- Tsarine Premier Cru brut

- Tsarine cuvée Orium

- Tsarine Millésime 2014 brut

- Tsarine Cuvée Premium brut

- Tsarine Rosé brut

- Tsarine Demi Sec

For each champagne, the grape varieties that make up the blend are instantaneously displayed, along with tasting notes, dosage and ageing characteristics and the ideal serving temperature.

Gourmet Inspirations — exquisite associations of food and wines — are also given, suggested by Isabelle Tellier, Head Wine-Maker of the House of Chanoine Frères, who presides over the creation of all Tsarine cuvées. And finally the distinctions and awards, from France and around the world, that each cuvée has received.

There is a link to the online shop, where you can place your order.

Also follow Tsarine on Instagram and Facebook and share all the events and good times around its new communication theme InspireMe.

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