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Tsarine and the Booming USA

Reims, October 2021

The American market is experiencing a strong comeback this year. The USA is now the largest market for champagne in terms of export value. Chanoine Frères’ Tsarine and Chanoine Héritage cuvées have taken particular advantage of the recovery and sales are growing significantly.

Champagne on Americans’ tables

Thibault Marronnier, in charge of the North America territory and whose ten years of experience there give him inside knowledge, had this to say: “In the USA, champagne is drunk essentially on the coasts — the East coast with New York and Florida and the West coast with California — and in large cities like Houston, Chicago and Boston. The current boom for Brut Sans Année also affects the Rosé, whose share is increasing. And Americans are fans of the prestige cuvées — Tsarine By Adriana is a good example.

The salient trend is a kind of desacralization of champagne: Certain consumers are associating the “bubbly” more and more with dining, and not only with celebrations. They do it American-style, in a very relaxed and open way — champagne for brunch, with Asian cuisine, and even with fried chicken. Many Americans now realize that champagne is a wine that makes a meal special and that can pair with many different foods. And that’s the result of the education effort importers, distributors and the houses have been making for years.”

Thibault Marronnier, in charge of the North America territory

A solid partnership with Total Wine & More

In a holdover from the Prohibition era, distribution channels in the USA vary greatly. In some States the sale of champagne is restricted to State stores or ones that sell alcoholic beverages only, and in others it’s openly on sale in supermarkets.

Thibault Marronnier adds “There are many chains that specialize in wines and spirits. Some are nationwide, like our historical partner and market leader Total Wine & More, which currently has 220 stores in 27 States. The chain is undergoing rapid growth with a fine selection of wines and a multitude of products from around the world.

Two new cuvées for Chanoine Héritage

Americans are curious and like to discover the different types of champagnes. Chanoine Héritage Brut has shown good results, and that has led to the launch of two new products, Blanc de Noirs and Blanc de Blancs.

Thibault says “Chanoine Héritage 1730 is a brand that’s reassuring for champagne enthusiasts. The date appeals to Americans who are aware of history, even if they can’t necessarily place Louis XIV or Louis XV.

Chanoine Héritage Cuvées Brut, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs

Successful launch of Tsarine Cuvée Orium and Tsarine Blanc de Blancs

Tsarine is having a very good year with its cuvées Brut Premium, Brut Rosé and the prestige wine Tsarine By Adriana.

Thibault Marronnier confirms that “Undeniably, the fluted bottle attracts consumers, who are won over both by the quality of the wines and the balance of the blends created by Isabelle Tellier. American women, who are the leading purchasers of champagne, appreciate the fact that the Tsarine champagnes are created by a woman Chef de Cave.

And Adriana, with its magnificent golden bottle, is a guaranteed success when given as a gift or brought to a party in festive venues in Miami or Los Angeles!”

In 2021, two new launches respond to the preferences of more knowledgeable American consumers — Tsarine Orium, an extra-brut champagne with a very low sugar dosage, and the Tsarine Blanc de Blancs cuvée, a pure Chardonnay in a sleek black bottle.

Tsarine champagnes are recognized by the best American experts; Wine Enthusiast Magazine awarded scores of 92/100 to Tsarine By Adriana and 94/100 to Tsarine Orium.

Isabelle Tellier, Chef de cave and creator of Tsarine champagnes

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