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Tsarine Blanc de Blancs in Flacons Magazine

Reims, July 2022

The Flacons supplement of L’Equipe Magazine for Saturday 9 July has a fine article devoted to the new Tsarine Blanc de Blancs. The double-page piece, illustrated by photographer Valery Guedes, gave CEO Franck Coste an opportunity to talk about the role played by Adriana Karembeu, the brand’s ambassadress, along with its history, recent developments, and the success currently enjoyed by Tsarine champagnes.

About Tsarine Blanc de Blancs…

This champagne has had incredible success, so much so that I’m even surprised at the reception it’s getting. In fact it’s becoming our iconic product — no doubt thanks in part to its disruptive look,” Franck Coste says.

Philippe Richard writes for Flacons: “The wine is sold in a fluted bottle, jet-black in order to protect it from light, to which it is highly sensitive. Savouring this 100% Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs, one’s taste buds take a leisurely tour of the villages of Avize, Cramant, Oger and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. Enjoy it at aperitif time, with your feet in a Jacuzzi, or with a meal of crustaceans or any of the finer fish.”

While the Blanc de Blancs is not a vintage champagne, it is blended of wines exclusively from the 2018 harvest. “Since its release a few months ago, the wine has taken on even more complexity and maturity” says Coste, adding that the 2023 end date initially planned for marketing may not be reached, given the high demand. As Flacons puts it, “Tsarine will indubitably be this summer’s smash hit.”

Tsarine Blanc de Blancs: Three Gold Medals in 2022

Tsarine Blanc de Blancs has garnered three Gold Medals this first half-year:

At the Mundus Vini Wine Awards; at the worldwide Berlin Wine Trophy; at the Féminalise 2022 World Wine Competition. Also, the Guide Véron des champagnes selected Tsarine Blanc de Blancs in its 2023 edition — another high distinction.

The gold triple crown confirms the success of this cuvée, launched in 2021. Chef de Cave Isabelle Telllier has blended a refined champagne made up of grand cru Chardonnays from the famous Côte des Blancs. The sleek, opaque-black, eco-designed Tsarine Blanc de Blancs bottle preserves the wine’s organoleptic qualities.

For more information on Tsarine Blanc de Blancs, see the tasting notes and food-wine pairings.Tsarine Blanc de Blancs is available at finer wine dealers’ stores and on Chanoine Frères’online store.

Tsarine Blanc de Blancs

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