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Tsarine Brut Rosé, the Queen of Summer

Reims, August 2020

This summer has confirmed the irresistible success of Tsarine Rosé Brut, the rosé champagne in the famous fluted bottle. That success is due to the wine’s intrinsic qualities and to its regularity, which its aficionados appreciate.

Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave, creates the blend with a high degree of precision, seeking a color and a balance of taste that are unique and specific to Tsarine Brut Rosé.

Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave of the House of Chanoine Frères and creator of Tsarine Rosé

For Tsarine Rosé I aim for a twofold balance. First, perfect balance among the three grape varieties  — 34% Chardonnay, 33% Meunier, and 33% Pinot Noir. And then the balance of taste between freshness and fruit.

As for the color, instead of following the fashion, which varies from year to year between pale and dark pink, I’ve opted for the ruby rosé color that is Tsarine Rosé’s own. The color is intense and brilliant. It’s a faithful reflection of the aromatic liveliness of this champagne.

The blend has to be recreated each year through hard work that requires rigorousness, and in which the Pinots Noirs from Les Riceys play a decisive role. The best Pinot Noir bunches are vinified as red wine and macerated with the skins and whole seeds. The proportion of these red wines in the final blend is the result of many trials and a very subtle dosage.

For this rosé champagne, which ages for 24 months in our cellars, my ambition is to achieve regularity in everything that goes into creating the special personality of Tsarine Rosé: a lovely effervescence with lively, generous bubbles; an aromatic whirlpool of red fruit flavors with notes of strawberries and red and black currants with a long finish, acidulated and with a remarkable freshness.

Already recognized as one of the Top 8 rosé champagnes in the world at the International Wine and Spirit Competition, in 2020 Tsarine Rosé won a double gold medal at the Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards, Asia’s premier wine competition.


To accompany your summer menus, Isabelle Tellier, who is passionate about food, suggests a few food-wine pairings to suit the season — fresh, simple, and light, well suited to cooking on a plancha grill.

Eggplant Caviar

Cream cheese and red berry tarte fine

Grilled prawns and calamari

Red mullet filets

Scallop carpaccio with mango

Two-salmon terrine

Braised seasonal vegetables

Mango macarons

Raspberry charlotte

Exotic fruits crumble

Serve Tsarine Brut Rosé at between 8 and 10°C

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