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Tsarine Champagne Blossoms in Singapore

Reims, February 2023

Tsarine champagne is now well established in Singapore, a very dynamic market in Southeast Asia, with FairPrice, the leading local supermarket chain.

To be more precise, Tsarine’s Premium and Rosé cuvées are offered in the chain’s high-end food stores under the FairPrice Finest brand. Some thirty of these prestige sales outlets offer a selection of the finest wines and spirits from around the world.

Singapore: A magnificent showcase for Tsarine champagnes

Singapore, a worldwide commercial and financial capital, is one of the most developed and most prosperous countries in the world. The champagne market there is dynamic, driven by a clientele with high purchasing power, both local and international.

The city-state has become a veritable Eldorado of luxury in Southeast Asia, a true regional hub that attracts wealthy Chinese and Indians, along with many Western expatriates and a large tourist flow.

Tsarine Brut Premium and Brut Rosé Champagnes at FairPrice Finest in Singapore


Tsarine Premium and Tsarine Rosé, two “gold-standard” champagnes

Tsarine’s Premium cuvée is highly appreciated by professionals internationally. It recently won three gold medals in benchmark international competitions in Japan (Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards) and Germany (Berlin Wine Trophy and Mundus Vini).

De son côté, la cuvée Tsarine Brut Rosé, qui a reçu plus de 50 récompenses en France et à l’international depuis sa création, a été récemment récompensée de deux médailles d’or aux concours mondiaux Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards et International Challenge Gilbert & Gaillard.


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