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Tsarine Lights Up the Holidays with Champagne Lights!

Reims, November 2020

Tsarine is dressing up in its holiday finery! This year, Tsarine is issuing a limited series of metal table lights to beautify the ritual of serving champagne. The metal letters that spell the name "TSARINE" surround and emphasize the beauty of the famous fluted bottle.

The luminous holder (which has a switch underneath to turn it on and off) is an original idea that sets off the beauty of the bottle and decorates the table for holiday meals. As always with Tsarine's limited series, these "champagne lights" are durable and reusable thanks to the replaceable batteries.

Four of Tsarine's cuvées are dressed for Christmas and the holidays this year:

Tsarine Cuvée Premium with its red lighted holder; Tsarine Rosé Brut, Tsarine Demi-Sec and Tsarine Millésime 2014, each with a gilded holder.

Tsarine's 2020 limited edition is available in the best stores starting 18 November.

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