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Tsarine Lights Up Your Celebrations!

Reims, November 2022

These limited-edition table lights from Tsarine are the perfect accessory for adding elegance to your holiday meals, with family or among friends, accompanied by Tsarine champagnes.

Each metal table light is like a crown that illuminates the elegant fluted glass of the Tsarine bottle; a switch under the light turns an LED on or off. The effect is guaranteed! And long-lasting, since the Tsarine table lights are durable and reusable — the batteries can be replaced.

Four Tsarine champagnes are lit up for Christmas and the holidays this year —

Tsarine Cuvée Premium, Tsarine Millésimé 2018 and Tsarine Demi-Sec come with a gilttable light, and the new Tsarine Solium cuvée has a special red one.

They make an original gift idea for Christmas or for a birthday — under the tree and on the table!

The Tsarine 2022 limited edition with table lights is available from better stores and wine shops beginning 8 November.

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