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Tsarine Muselet Caps: The 2021 Collection is Full of Surprises

Four of the new Tsarine muselet caps. The other four are surprises!

Reims, Mai 2021

Calling all Tsarine placomusophiles: The hunt is on!

To delight all collectors of champagne cork caps (you did know you’re called placomusophiles in French, didn’t you?), the 2021 Tsarine limited edition collection features eight new collector muselet caps. The graphical inspiration is fresh and modern, in a playful, pop-art spirit.

The limited series is used on four cuvées:

  • Tsarine Brut Premium,

  • Tsarine Millésime 2015,

  • Tsarine Brut Rosé,

  • Tsarine Demi-sec.

Bottles with collector caps are identified by a red neck band

Play and win a bottle of champagne in a Matryoshka box

To celebrate the new collection of muselet caps, we’ve organized a free contest-game with bottles of Tsarine Brut Premium champagne in the iconic Russian Doll package as prizes.

The container is a nod to the history of Tsarine and the House of Chanoine and has long been a favorite of the many admirers of Tsarine’s lovely gift packages.

If you want to try your luck, just scan the QR code on the bottle’s neck band, then take the online mini-quiz. Winning entries will be regularly drawn at random. Good luck!

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