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Tsarine Orium on the Menu at the French Senate

Reims, September 2022

The Sénat or Senate, the upper house of the French legislature, sits at the Palais du Luxembourg, located in the gardens of the same name in Paris’s sixth district. The institution is renowned not only for the beauty of the location and buildings and the quality of the legislative work that takes place there, but also for its restaurant.

The Sénat’s restaurant has long had a fine reputation, recognized by legislators and their guests of all political colorations.

By tradition, Sénat members may propose wines for inclusion on the menu of the upper chamber’s restaurant with the approval of the sommelier and the director of the establishment.

Champagne Tsarine is highly honored that its Cuvée Orium has been chosen at the initiative of Senator Christian Cambon, chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Armed Forces committee of the Sénat.

Since, constitutionally, the Sénat represents the local territories, senators are fond of the practice since it enables them to promote products from their home areas.

Tradition also dictates that the names of the small number of wines so privileged appear on the menu for a period of one year, with the name of the senator who proposed each of them. They are listed under the special heading “Recommendations by Mesdames and Messieurs the Members of the Sénat.”

Since the beginning of the new legislative session in September, Tsarine Orium has been among the wines listed on that prestigious menu.


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