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Tsarine Orium on the Menu for Mothers’ Day: The Art of extra-brut

Reims, May 2022

What elegant wine should you choose to delight a mother who appreciates a delicate, precise champagne?

Tsarine Orium is an extra-brut champagne developed by Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave, who created this cuvée. Isabelle says she was seeking purity in all its dimensions: “Purity of taste, with a perfect balance between Chardonnay, Meunier and Pinot Noir. And purity also means naturalness! Orium is an extra-brut, a champagne with a very low sugar dosage of only 3 g/l.”

Tsarine Orium Menu for Mothers’ Day 2022

Isabelle Tellier, who created this champagne, suggests a simple but delicious menu to accompany Tsarine Orium throughout the meal.

“— This is the perfect occasion for cuisine that is easy, family-oriented, and consensual. For the starter, the inspiration is Italian for a change. A bruschetta awakens the taste buds, and it can also be served with the apéritif before sitting down to the meal.

For the main course I've gone back to a family-dinner classic: roast chicken. Everyone loves it and the childhood memories it brings back. For dessert, a mango Tarte Tatin is a way to hark back to another classic of French cuisine. The acidic quality of the mango provides an interesting harmony with the yellow-fruit notes in Tsarine Orium.”

Bruschetta of country ham and parmesan


Roast chicken with new vegetables


Mango Tarte Tatin


Tsarine Orium should be enjoyed ideally at a temperature of between 8° and 10°C.

Tsarine Orium: Six Gold Medals so far

Since its launch, following a first Gold Medal in the 2020 Berlin Wine Trophy in Germany, Tsarine Orium has received wide recognition and won awards both in France and internationally, with five new Gold Medals:

- Three Gold Medals in 2021: In the “ELLE à table” wine competition; in the Feminalise 2021 World Wine Competition; and in the Gilbert & Gaillard 2021 international competition.

- Two Gold Medals in 2022: at the Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards and at the Berlin Wine Trophy in Germany.

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