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Tsarine Orium: Toast the New Year with Extra-Brut

Reims, December 2022

Since its launch, Tsarine's Orium cuvée has won the hearts and minds of a growing legion of champagne lovers in search of champagnes with a low sugar dosage and expressive taste; elegant, refined wines that connoisseurs identify by the “Extra-Brut” on the label.

Tsarine Orium's success has been confirmed by the many awards it has received in recent months.

What's the secret of Tsarine Orium seductive powers?

The principle that has guided Tsarine Orium's creator, Chef de Cave Isabelle Tellier, is a quest for purity − purity in all its dimensions.

Purity in the balance Tellier has aimed for among the three Champagne grape varieties: 34% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir and 33% Meunier.

Natural purity by reducing the added sugar to a minimum so that the sugars naturally present in the fruit can express themselves fully.

Purity and finesse, by ageing Orium for a full four years in the House's cellars, with slow fermentation, so that the maturing process can develop all the subtlety of the flavors.

The result is a very seductive champagne. Tsarine Orium begins gently with a subtle nose of yellow fruits as prelude to an ample, silky palate and a tonic, mineral finish. In Isabelle's own words, “an extra-brut to please those who like a champagne without artifice, precise and elegant.

Isabelle Tellier's Orium menu

The New Year festivities are the perfect occasion for enjoying Orium (ideally at between 8° and 10°C) throughout a meal that Isabelle Tellier suggests should be “light as light.”


Oysters with caviar


Main course

Guinea fowl with citrus and mashed potato



Financier cakes with green tea and dôme with yuzu


For the starter I'd go with oysters like those you find in southern Brittany, not too briny, accented with a few grains of caviar.

For the main course I suggest a guinea fowl, accompanied by baked pomelo, lemon, and lime; citrus is among the notes found in Orium's palate.

For dessert, light, delicate cakes − financiers, in this case flavored with green tea and topped with a dôme cake with yuzu, the delicious Japanese citrus fruit.”


Look for Tsarine Orium at your favorite wine dealer's and at the Chanoine Frères online shop* (* currently at a special 15% discount for the holidays).

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