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Tsarine Partners With Trek’In Gazelles du Maroc 2022

Reims, November 2022

Congratulations to all the participants in the Trek'In Gazelles du Maroc 2022, the magnificent Saharan rally-trek exclusively for women, held in two sessions, from 10 to 15 and 17 to 22 November this year.

In teams of three, participants hiked under brilliant skies amid the sand dunes and rocky plateaus, between the ergs and regs that make up the sumptuous landscapes of the Sahara, using only a compass for orientation, without GPS.

Tsarine Champagne is proud of the partnership we began in 2021 with this adventure rally raid, unique in the world, exclusively for women, combining sport and certified environmental responsibility – including collection of plastic waste in the desert –, competition and support for the French charity Secours Populaire.

As was only appropriate, the winning teams and all the participants celebrated the event with Tsarine, its effervescence adding to the sparkle of the closing ceremonies, which featured singer TIBZ and DJ Hugo Lab, held under beautiful tents set up for the occasion in the middle of the desert, “bivouac” style.

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