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Tsarine Premium Russian Dolls: the Family Grows

Reims, novembre 2021

Tsarine’s Russian dolls make up a big, happy family. And the family is growing! The new pop-art packaging for 2021 is being used for all formats of Tsarine Premium Brut champagnes.

For the Brut cuvée only, the limited-edition matryoshka is available in three sizes this year, each corresponding to an ideal occasion for champagne:

  • for an intimate late lovers’ supper, gazing into each other’s eyes, the half-bottle (37.5 cl); 

  • for a festive apéritif among friends or family during the holidays, the classic 75-cl format;

  • and for a holiday dinner, a large group around the Christmas table, or a memorable New Year feast, the magnificent magnum (150 cl).

Each bottle has its own special red pop-art container, and each doll a different pretty face and starlet sunglasses.

All three matryoshkas will make wonderful additions to any enthusiast’s collection and are perfect ideas for an original gift.

Look for the 2021 Tsarine Russian Doll champagnes at your favourite store.

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