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Tsarine Rosé Lux: A Brilliant Idea!

Reims, 18 December 2019

Tsarine innovates yet again. Its Rosé cuvée lights up for the holidays with an LED set into the base of the bottle. The effect is spectacular — ideal for decorating holiday tables and setting off the lovely color of this rosé champagne.

Tsarine Rosé Lux is a limited edition, available at wine shops and in bars and restaurants.

Tsarine’s Rosé cuvée, selected as one of the eight finest rosé champagnes in the world, is built on a perfect balance between Chardonnay (34%), Pinot Meunier (33%), and Pinot Noir (33%).

Head Wine-Maker Isabelle Tellier says of it “The fragrances and flavors blend in an aromatic whirlpool of red fruits where notes of strawberry and red and black currant swirl together. The meticulous balance brings power and structure to this rosé cuvée.”

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