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Tsarine Rosé Dressed in Summer Colors

Reims, August 2022

Tsarine Rosé: Another Gold Medal from Gilbert & Gaillard

Lovely light-pink color. Nose offers red fruits and ripe citrus. Very frank palate in the same fruity and acidic register. A well-blended rosé, fruit-forward, very refreshing.

So read the comments that accompany the Gold Medal just awarded to Tsarine Rosé by the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge 2022. The international competition, created more than 30 years ago by two French oenologists, is now an international benchmark for wine professionals and amateurs around the world.

The award is yet another distinction for Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave of the House of Chanoine Frères, who creates and blends the Tsarine cuvées. For Tsarine Brut Rosé alone Isabelle has received over 50 awards in France and internationally since she created the cuvée in 2003!

Isabelle Tellier, Chef de cave of Chanoine Frères 1730, creates and blends Tsarine Rosé

Tsarine Rosé Brut — Freshness and gourmandise

Isabelle describes her philosophy and how she makes this remarkable rosé champagne: “— I see it as a whole made up of two parts — an intense rose color and a vivid taste of fresh fruits. That is the style of Tsarine Rosé that I work to reproduce each year, with precision and regularity.

Beyond the balance among the three Champagne grape varieties, I seek the optimum expression of the Pinots Noirs by selecting only wines from Les Riceys in the Aube, which is the sunniest part of the appellation zone. From those vineyards, I take only wines from the current year to be sure to get maximum fruit and freshness.

I age Tsarine Rosé 24 months in our cellars to bring it to its peak of taste and color, with excellent effervescence with fine, lively, generous bubbles.”

Tsarine Rosé, the perfect champagne for summer menus

You’ll appreciate Tsarine Rosé even more during the fine summer days when all the senses are fully alive — the pleasure of just taking hold of such a beautiful, cold bottle, admiring the wine’s intense rose color and then sharing the flavorful whirlpool of freshness and red fruits.

To accompany Tsarine Rosé, Isabelle Tellier suggests a few seasonal combinations, delicate and delicious and easy to prepare:


Fresh goat cheese truffles

Prawn verrines

Cold dishes

Red mullet salad with citrus

Scampi and green asparagus salad

Tuna sashimi


Raspberry clafoutis

Blackberry tart

Assortment of sorbets — red fruits, green tea, white tea


Before serving, Tsarine Rosé should be chilled in a vertical position for at least a half-day in the refrigerator. It should be served ideally at between 8° and 10°C. Keep it chilled in a bucket of water and ice cubes.

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