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Tsarine Rosé Lux Champagne Lights Up the USA’s Christmas!

Reims, December 2022

Following the successful launch of Tsarine Rosé in the USA, the Rosé LUX limited edition is now lighting up Christmas and the end-of-year holidays there.

Tsarine Rosé LUX’s famous illuminated bottle is now available at Total Wine — the leading chain of stores specialized in wines and spirits and the House’s historical partner in the USA.

The effect is spectacular, festive and fun. The light seems to suffuse the bottle from within, highlighting the champagne’s beautiful rose-pink color and the Tsarine bottle’s elegant fluted glass.

To light up the Tsarine Rosé LUX bottle, just press the LED set in the bottle’s base. The LED has a life expectancy of up to ten hours. It’s reusable and works as the bottle graces your table... and even immersed in an ice bucket!

Tsarine Rosé LUX Champagne is a limited edition, available at Total Wine stores and in their online shop, in 75-cl bottles.

Also in the USA, Wine Enthusiast, the benchmark magazine in the world of wines and spirits, recently tasted Tsarine Rosé Brut.

In its tasting comments, Wine Enthusiast notes that, “With a blend that includes Pinot Noir from the Aube, this Champagne is fruity, with bright citrus and a light structure.It is warm, ripe and ready to drink.”

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