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Tsarine Rosé Lux: Christmas Lights!

Reims, November 2022

Tsarine Rosé Lux is a limited edition of Tsarine Rosé that comes in an illuminated bottle. The effect is spectacular: Light seems to illuminate the bottle from within and highlights the lovely rose-pink color of the champagne and the elegant glass fluting that is characteristic of the Tsarine bottle.

A limited-issue illuminated bottle for Tsarine Rosé LUX

The light turns on with a simple press on the LED hidden in the base of the bottle — the LED has a lifespan of around ten hours; it’s reusable and works just as well as a table décor or immersed in an ice bucket.

Stéphanie Courzadet, head of marketing for the House, launched the innovation in 2020: “— The illuminated bottle is a success. It never fails to produce a “Wow effect” that surprises and attracts everybody, men as well as women. Tsarine Rosé Lux provides added pleasure. The light magnifies the champagne’s color and the shape of the bottle and adds a playful dimension. Tsarine fans approve: ‘it’s the life of the party!’”

Isabelle Tellier on Tsarine Rosé

Tsarine’s Rosé cuvée, designated one of the eight best rosé champagnes in the world, is based on a perfect balance between Chardonnay (34%), Meunier (33%), and Pinot Noir (33%). Chef de Cave Isabelle Tellier talks about the champagne, which she created in 2003 and which is now about to celebrate its 20th birthday, in a film.

More than 50 awards for Tsarine Rosé

In 2022,Tsarine Rosé was awarded two Gold Medals in France and internationally:

For Tsarine Brut Rosé alone, Isabelle Tellier, Chef de Cave of the House of Chanoine Frères 1730 and creator of the cuvée, has won a total of over 50 awards, in France and internationally.


Tsarine Rosé Lux is a limited release, available in better stores and on the House’s online shop, in 75 cl and magnum (150 cl) formats.

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